Fanny Zachary
14-07-19 2 Hits  Nineteen years after my original diagnosis, I faced a frightening prospect. The symptoms of CFS were getting worse again. Instead of staying on the ground, (my health continued, ruined by the strange relapse), in fact I was becoming weaker and weaker without indulgence.

Scientists have discussed whether water has any effect on weight loss, but almost 59% of adults in the US. UU They think so, and these are some of the reasons. For those who seek light at the end of the tunnel, why not try water to help you lose weight? Here are some reasons why you should think of water as an assistant in weight loss.

1. Keep hydrated, eat less
When you are dehydrated, you tend to eat more. This is because we want to eat more than we want to drink water. When you are hungry, you take food the moment the signal is sent, but we tend to ignore our thirst signal until it becomes unbearable. Almost 75% of us are dehydrated at any time. Therefore, try to drink some water when you are next time you want food between meals.

TIP: Drink water (1 glass) about half an hour before a meal, but no closer. Drinking too close to food dilutes the acid in your stomach.

2. Reduce calories
Drinking water regularly prevents you from drinking high-calorie beverages that will increase your weight. Instead of water, we tend to replace it with coffee with milk, tea, fruit juices and soft drinks. These drinks are rich in calories, so by consuming fewer calories, of course.

3. Increase in energy
Even being a little dehydrated can make you lose energy and be slow and we tend to look for high-calorie snacks to motivate us. Drinking water helps increase energy and you will want to use it for exercise, which helps reduce your weight and consume fewer calories.

4. Boost your metabolism
Drinking more water (especially cold water) helps increase the energy you spend even while resting: up to 400 kilojoules for every two liters of water you drink.

TIP: When you are tired of old water, add a little lemon to flavor it or a little fruit juice (10%).


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