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It is a common myth that success just happens to people. The Wealth Compass ReviewA lot of times, those who aren't successful begrudge those who have achieved a certain level of success. To reach full achievement you'll have to get over any feelings that success and achievement are just handed to people because of who they are or luck. Such misconceptions about success that you may have - These ideas could be all that are holding you back - separating you from the success you want and deserve. In fact, it is probably better to use the word 'achievement' in place of 'success' because it promotes the idea of taking action and doing something. Notice the root of the word is 'achieve'.

Now, success doesn't really ever happen by accident to people, even though it can appear so. The idea of the overnight success, or even the person who just so happened to pick an amazing stock in the stock market are really nothing more than myths. Usually it is the seasoned investor who has learned a lot and understands (even at a subconscious level) how to choose a winning stock that gets wealthy with stocks - not the guy who picks one at random. On the other hand, you do occasionally hear of people picking that one right stock before it increases in value, but it is so rare that when it does happen it is newsworthy. Still, any such immediate success rarely lasts. True and lasting success has to be earned; it must be achieved for it to last and have all of the positive benefits it brings.



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