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If you were to be thrown into the middle of an ocean,How to Write a Book Review and somehow, managed to keep yourself afloat. What will be your next sensible action?
No, it's not to swim.
Yes, now I've got you started... thinking.
Next, I want you to ponder about your future, and tell me what you wish to be in five years time from now.
I hope you aren't saying the words like successful, happy, or rich, and, stopped there. The reason is- aiming for success, and the likes, when thinking about your future, is quite similar to starting off swimming immediately when you were being thrown into the middle of an ocean. It will eventually get you nowhere. Because...
Success, and the likes, lack direction
I'm fond of checklists, especially those with boxes sitting next to every single entry. But, to come up with a good checklist is the main problem. Let's say, for instance, if I were to create a checklist of my future accomplishments and aims, and I came up with something like this:
I will be successful.
I will become a great guitar player.
I will live a happy life.



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