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Getting healthy is a lifestyle change, Keto X Factor not a fad. Stay committed, and soon enough you're going to love the way you look. It's time to cut down on the soda and instead try freshlysqueezed juice, or just plain water. And get this: People with fat deposits around their middle are more at risk of heart disease and diabetes than those with fat in the hips, and thighs. And just this should be enough to get you moving. After all, what have you got to lose With a personal trainer's guidance, all you have to lose is a lot of belly fat, and instead gain a greatlooking body, confidence, and health that will hold you up for years to come. That can't be bad, right

Any personal trainer will tell you abdominal exercises alone DO NOT burn off belly fat. In fact, getting those celebritystyle abs has more to do with losing overall body fat and consistent clean eating practices. The cleaner you eat, the better your results. Eating alone isn't going to do the trick either.

You also have to get up and get moving. Walk about a mile everyday. Do extra housework. Carry your golf clubs yourself. Dance to your favorite tunes. As an experienced personal Trainer, I can tell you how much fun these activities can be to get you started on your fitness program. When you begin to not just see, but FEEL the changes, you'll want to do even more. Your personal trainer will help you incorporate these and other small changes into your daily routine. And once you start, you won't want to look back!


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