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How are you treating yourself? Do you over discipline   Full Chakra Reset Program yourself or treat yourself like a spoiled child? Neither extreme calibrates the balance of order in your life. It is hard to see where God is in moments of chaos such as when a violent crime takes place or a massive natural disaster strikes. But it is far more difficult to see where God is in our life through chaos created by actions of our own doing. Seek the things you most like about yourself and count them on your list of blessings. We all come from a divine place and even if you don't believe it, we were all created from a place of love. Whenever you are in your darkest hour, soaking in a personal triumph or any other time at all, repeat to yourself an ancient mantra passed down through generations of spiritual masters: I am the Love of My Creator, I am My Creator's Love, I am Love.

You will feel the power of God burst from everywhere around you. The more you use it the more you will own it. The more time you spend saying this mantra and thinking about it, the more love you will draw to you and the more of God's power you will see manifest in your life.Carlos Duran is a professional writer raised in the mean streets of New York and New Jersey during the Crack Era of the late 80's and 90's. His life journey transformed a sinister-mind into one of peace and has inspired him to share the secret spiritual short-cuts he learned with the World.




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