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Onions are believed to owe all their incredible Natural X CBD Oil  healing powers to a group of organic compounds known as thiosuphinates. Thiosulphinates are the sulphur-based compounds that give onions their pungent smell. At the same time, they're also potent flavonoids - a powerful group of antioxidants that protect your body and help repair cell damage.

Of these antioxidants, the most important is a compound known as quercetin. What, you may ask, does quercetin do? Well, first off, it has been scientifically proven to prevent cancer! Of the many studies conducted on quercetin, one of the most recent studies conducted in Germany showed that people who regularly consumed the antioxidant were significantly less likely to develop pancreatic cancer. Other studies currently underway are beginning to suggest that these potent compounds may also be effective at preventing breast cancer, colon cancer, and more!

Although flavonoids like quercetin are found in other foods like apples and tea, no other plant contains as much quercetin as onions. Not only that, your body absorbs these antioxidants three times faster from onions than from any other fruit or vegetable. This means by incorporating just a little bit of onion into your regular diet, you can do more to protect your health than if you were to eat an apple a day.

When choosing onions for your health, experts insist on picking the strongest onions possible. The more potent the onion, the more health-friendly compounds it contains. Yellow and red onions are best. Also, because these beneficial antioxidants break down during cooking, onions are most beneficial when eaten raw. If you must cook your onions, cook them as gently and as quickly as possible.

As for incorporating raw onions into your diet - without scaring away everyone with your breath - it's usually best to combine your onions with other ingredients. Adding a bit of raw onion to a salad, chopping up raw onion and mixing it into a salsa, or garnishing your entrees, soups, and starches with a little chopped green onion are all perfectly safe ways of incorporating raw onion into your food. So long as you make sure to get a little bit of onion into your diet every day, you'll help ensure your health for years to come!


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