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The Prasouda Diet is a weight loss  Detoxil Omega Formula method and lifestyle choice that aims to keep men and women slim and healthy. Prasouda is a small island in Greece, where local residents have traditionally enjoyed a degree of longevity far above the national average. The majority of people who follow this style of eating also manage to stay slim throughout their lives!

Of course, it is not easy to lose weight, and there are hundreds, if not thousands, of miracle weight loss pills and diet plans currently for sale that promise guaranteed success. Unfortunately most of these diet plans simply do not work, at least not in the long-term.

This respected diet has a lot of evidence suggesting that it does indeed work, mainly due to the level of ease and simplicity involved. Eat healthy food, take regular exercise, and make sure that you don't over-indulge in food areas that you are not supposed to. People in the Greek Islands have traditionally taken their food from the sea, so it is not surprising that the Mediterranean diet has a large focus on fish as a source of protein and nourishment.

The western world is now suffering from an obesity crisis, but this wasn't always the case. Our ancestors might be able to teach us a thing or two about weight loss. In the Mediterranean region men and women have long enjoyed a healthy and balanced diet. Long before the concept of diets ever came into existence, individuals in the Mediterranean areas ate naturally healthy foods such as nuts, olive oil, fresh fruit, healthy vegetables, and lots of whole grains. Because meat was in scarce supply several hundred years ago most locals lived on a diet of seafood as well as eggs and moderate amounts of milk.

This diet is a modern concept based on the Mediterranean diet that has been so successful for many thousands of people over a period of hundreds of years. There is nothing fancy about the Mediterranean diet, but this excellent and efficient type of lifestyle combines healthy eating, an active lifestyle, long walks, and positive thinking.


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