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Underactive thyroid can be treated with medications which help in  Total Thyroid  bringing down the levels. The medication includes a synthetic thyroid hormone known as levothyroxine which should be taken regularly as long as one survives. Regular intake of medicines helps in maintaining the required levels. However one must keep in mind that regular medical follow ups are must because the treatment may demand for changes in the dosages depending on the levels.The body is overcome by weakness and the muscles are very weak they become sore with little use. The skin loses its glow becoming dry and losing its entire luster. In women there occurs problems regarding fertility and there are risks of having a miscarriage by the woman. Menstrual periods get disrupted and irregular. Memory becomes weak and the person might have trouble in concentrating. Under active thyroid can be treated with medicines and there are certain diets to be followed. Lots of proteins and minerals are to be added to the diet including all the vital vitamins.


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