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The kidnapping of love, the word is my association from moral kidnapping. Moral abduction is the use of the public's moral concept to exert the mental behavior of others through public opinion, commentary, and narrative. The kidnapping of love is the behavior caused by love. The word love is not uncommon Marlboro Cigarettes. Excessive love is not conducive to the healthy growth of children. Of course, the lack of love will also affect the child's mind. Remove the problematic teenagers who have more or less love, and a group of sensible children that we need to pay attention to. In China, especially in rural families, the children of the poor are early in the family because the family is not rich, for the sake of their livelihood, and for the children to be better, parents are frugal and tired. Children also understand parents and respect their parents. Therefore, even if parents are wrong, even if they are wronged, they dare not say, because they always believe that there is a big love worthy of tears in their eyes usa-cigarette.com. Gradually, this sentiment seems to be a kind of tolerance, an understanding, even a habit, a hidden "discontent", unwilling to express, even afraid of being discovered. However, this kind of situation is not available to all families. Children will eventually grow up, they will face the society, have their own classmates, friends, colleagues, and will form new families. I have such feelings to enter the university, I met my roommate, we talked about the land, even the heart, they all smoke, and can be said to be a big smoker, at least one pack a day Cigarettes Online, and I, since childhood, hate smoke Taste, even very sensitive, even if you are about to graduate from college, you still smell the smoke and still can't breathe. Whenever I hear the sound of a lighter, I immediately open the window and use my clothes to cover my nose and mouth. If I am in bed, I will hide in the quilt. They know that I don't smoke and understand my feelings, but after all, we are not a class of people. They are still as long as they have been. I have never been angry with them Marlboro Red. When I smoke, I still unconsciously put my actions. Do it smaller and try not to be discovered. Suddenly I thought that "the borrower is the grandson, and the money is the Laozi". Many people owe money but they can always rely on it, and many borrow money are difficult to remind them of money Online Cigarettes. It seems that this is probably the case. I don't know if this is good, but I know that there is such a kind of person in this world.

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